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Brim Profilhandtag - Mässing


Brim is one of the most impressive profile handles available in our webshop. It is made of stainless steel with a cover in PVD-brass. PVD is one of the most solid coatings you can have on any furniture handles or pulls. The coating process can best be described as a method where the brass is heated up to a gas-liquid and then placed as a thin finish on the stainless steel. Once cooled to its solid phase, it gives a unique cover that will withstand most environments.

The PVD coating is not only used on furniture hardware. You will find products with PVD coating in industries like the aerospace and automotive. Nevertheless, the Brim profile handles will stay shiny and look as new for decades.

Brim profile handle is available in three different sizes, 128 mm, 160 mm and 224 mm in total width. Unlike most traditional pulls, profile handles don't require pre-drilling holes through the full drawer. Instead, they are mounted on top of the drawers with wood screws from the backside. Convenient if you someday should decide to replace them with other handles.

Combine the different lengths of Brim in your kitchen, placing the smaller ones on cupboards and the longer handles on larger drawers.

Brim profile handles come from the company called Didheya, a Spanish manufacturer who specialises in furniture hardware in stainless steel.
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96 mm
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